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Viken Thirty Industrial Park, Block B, Off Eastern Bypass



Cenclean Enterprises is a Nairobi based Company that operates a Cleaning and Consumable Supply business servicing the cleaning, health, education, hospitality and government sectors and understands its role as a medium sized employer operating with its footprint in multiple Counties, that it must take an approach to business that is not only focused on the delivery of a profit to its shareholders, but must incorporate, broad based economic, ecological and social factors.

Cenclean Enterprises sees its role as being a contributor to the community on a scale that is possible from a company that has an extensive client base and a consequential capacity to influence people to make good choices for the country when selecting cleaning equipment and supplies. It has the financial and community ties to be able to assist groups who might otherwise remain hidden and isolated, unable to gain opportunities readily available to mainstream and establish members of society.

As major supporters of the cleaning and property services sector and are extremely interested in the promotion of good environmental choices by our customers. We offer alternative product that has a beneficial impact on the environment, low Volatile Organic Compounds, recycled and recyclable products, equipment that is sup-plied with the view that it lowers energy consumption in the usage cycle, extensively filters particles released into the air, etc.

Cenclean Enterprises has grown over time and has continued to ensure that it com-plies with its legal and financial obligations to the community.